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Welcome to IHIConnectors.com®

High Quality, USA made electrical lugs sold at factory direct prices


IHI Connectors® manufactures High Tensile Tin Plated Aluminum Electrical Wire Lugs, dual rated, reusable Mechanical (screw type) and Splicing wire Connectors for Stranded and Solid aluminum & copper wire in AWG, kcmil / MCM and Metric Wire sizes. Current carrying and grounding use. Electrical Connectors.


IHIConnectors® is a leading, global supplier of wire terminals for smart energy and renewable energy products including EV chargers, inverter battery backup, server farm power supplies, solar power, industrial furnaces, motion control servo power supplies and more.


IHIConnectors® offers to make and hold to blanket orders and supply contracts for weekly, monthly or quarterly releases.


LugsDirect.com is an internet based direct sales service providing customers, large and small, with access to low cost factory direct pricing on electrical connectors from stock.


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1 piece, 10 pcs, 100 pcs, 1000 pcs, or full boxes. The best stock lug prices in the USA.

aluminum single barrel wire and cable lugs with dual rating

aluminum two barrel wire and cable lugs with dual rating

Triple Barrel Wire Lugs

4 barrel quadruple wire and cable lug  MCM kcmil

Single Wire Lugs

Double Wire Lugs

Triple Wire Lugs

Multi-Wire Lugs

Splicer Connectors join wires

PCB terminl lugs PCB terminl lugs

Splicer Reducers

Through Hole PCB Lugs

Surface Mount PCB Lugs





Please call, fax or email for great prices direct from the factory. See custom catalog for examples of standards and custom specials or for more detail of existing UL/UR approved designs click UL Listed lugs or UL Recognized Lugs.




Please call, fax, or email for great prices direct from the factory, quoted to your prints and specifications Contact Us

Visit IHI's Connectors OEM Design Center to review existing UL/UR approved designs and engineers' connector design tools.

TORK KRIMP ICON - patent April 21 2020


tork krimp smile


Select IHI Connector® parts now allow the patented use of ferrules, no pre-crimping required!

Use ferrules to control unruly fine strands and flexible wires; Comply with fire and safety codes and/or customer specifications and preferences; Maintain Dual Rated Certification of the Mechanical Connector.


No Pre-Crimping; No special crimping tools; No wasted tooling, labor, and time costs; Just look for the Tork Krimp® smile. See the Tork Krimp FAQ and the Patent for more information.



High Current PCB Lugs

High Current PCB Lugs

World's widest range of High Current, Low Resistance, PCB Terminal Lugs!


THT and SMT (SMD) Wire Current ranges 20A to 300A


Cick here to shop available stock.

B6B-PCB, 6 AWG - 14 AWG High AMP PCB wire lug
B4B-B OEm box collar lug, 4-14 AWG copper
B2/0-PCB, 2/0 AWG high AMP PCB wire lug 2/0AWG - 8AWG

STEP Files

STEP FILE Download IconSTP File Example


Step files are now available for all standard stocked IHI® parts. STP files can be found through the Step File Catalog, or with each part at the download STEP File icon pictured at the far left.


Multiple Wires Per Barrel

Multiple Wires Per Barrel Application

Now offering lugs, agency approved, for multiple wires. IHI multiple wire lugs enable dual wires of stranding class B and C wires to be mounted in one wire hole. Dual multiple wire capability is available for 2X #14 AWG to 2X #2 AWG class B / C. When using fine stranded wires and cables one wire per hole is permitted. See individual parts for details. Not all parts are approved for multiple wires per barrel.


Interlocking Lug Application

Interlocking Lugs

Stacking of Connectors: multiple connectors assembled using a single bolt, nut and washers.


Parts that allow for stacking are identified on an individual basis.


Click here for more information on UL standards for stacking lugs in installations.

FLEX Fine Stranded WireFineStrandedWireKclassControlStrandsUsingWireTieOrElectricalTapeTemporarilyforInsertionIHI-lugsRatedForFineStrandedFLEXwireKclassRopeLayCable

Now in stock, UL & CSA tested & approved, 90c rated for "FLEX" flexible fine stranded wire classes G, H, I, DLO, metric mm2 class 5, class K, mtw, welding, battery cable, mechanical screw type, wide ranging, wire lugs, terminal connectors, for copper cable gauges AWG 14 to kcmil 444!

Click link for FAQ and caveats on use of fine stranded wire


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IHI® Main Office, Assembly, and Warehouse: 7700 St. Clair Avenue

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