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Made in the USA

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IHI Listed Lugs
File reference
Class of connector
UL 486A -486B 
File E129884
Class ZMVV
 CSA 22.2  No.65-03
Certificate 1243943 (LR116214) 
  Class 6223 02
Equivalent standard
ANSI/UL 486A-486B-2003
Equivalent standard


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The UL486A-B Standard covers Insulated connectors for voltages of  600 volts or less (1000 volts in a sign or luminaire), for general use.

Standard covers uninsulated connectors up to 2000 volts nominal (US & Mexico), or phase to phase (Canada), for general use.

Standard covers uninsulated connectors up to 5000 volts phase to phase (Canada) where allowed, and if installed in accordance with Section 36 of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1, C22.1.

Standard covers uninsulated connectors for voltages of 35,000 volts or less in equipment rated for 35,000 volts or less, where allowed.

Other standards apply to any installation – this information applies only to UL486A-B standard. 

The purchaser is responsible for conforming to all relevant standards appropriate for the installation.


For "Yellow Card" Certifications for all IHI Connectors parts, Listed and Recognized click below:


"UL" Listed Class ZMVV
"UR"Recognized Class ZMVV2
usURc Recognized US & Canada Class ZMVV8
"CSA" certified Canada class 6223 .02
"c CSA us" certified Canada & USA Class 6223.82

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